Every passenger entering Korean territory, regardless of nationality, must download the application corresponding to his or her personal situation for quarantine monitoring by the Korean authorities.

Travellers on a short stay in Korea or exempted from quarantine are required to download the "Self-diagnosis App" on their phone to indicate daily the evolution of their health status.

Travellers residing in Korea or holders of long-stay newcomer visas are required to download the "Self-quarantine Safety Protection App" on their phones. In the event of symptoms two days in a row, the Korean authorities will contact them for a thorough medical examination. It is imperative that the instructions of the Korean authorities be strictly adhered to, otherwise visas or residence permits may be cancelled and significant penalties may be imposed.

In South Korea, numerous cases have been reported in Daegu city and North Gyeongsang province, including Cheongdo commune.

Subsequently when cases are reported via the application is SMS is automatically sent to people in the same geographical area as the diagnosed person.