The safety advisor for the transport of dangerous goods designs and implements safety procedures and rules in the company relating to the handling and transport of dangerous goods.

Under the responsibility of the head of the company, he or she ensures that the regulations relating to the handling and transport of dangerous products are respected within the company (qualification of personnel, adaptation of handling means and vehicles).

The safety adviser prescribes in the company the useful measures for the prevention of accidents as well as the appropriate emergency procedures in the event of accidents or incidents occurring during the transport or handling of dangerous goods.

Finally, he or she makes all the company's personnel aware of the risks associated with the transport and handling of dangerous goods.
The missions of the safety adviser are important and are the subject of an annual report for the head of the company detailing the actions taken to prevent accidents and improve safety.

All companies whose activity involves the transport, packaging, loading, filling of dangerous goods must appoint a safety adviser: they thus meet the international regulatory obligation concerning the appointment of a safety adviser (present in chapter of the ADR, RID and ADN regulations).

These advisers must hold a certificate issued after passing a national examination organised by the Comité interprofessionnel pour le développement de la formation dans les transports de marchandises dangereuses (Interprofessional Committee for the Development of Training in the Transport of Dangerous Goods). This certificate is issued for a maximum period of 5 years. It may be renewed, for the same period, by passing the renewal examination. Training for these examinations, whether initial or renewal, is not compulsory.