Faced with the strong financial constraints weighing on the sector, elected officials and transport operators are jointly committed to developing the attractiveness of urban public transport. It is true that we will not be able to win the battle of the energy transition without offering travelers a quality of service that meets their expectations. This quality of service is at the rendezvous when the efforts undertaken jointly by the authorities organizing urban transport and the transport operators meet with a positive echo among travelers. While punctuality remains an essential element in the positive perception of public transport by travelers, today they expect even more: cleanliness of stations, rolling stock, quality of information, traveler reception, etc.
The Quality of Service approaches may fall under: Contractual relations between the operator and the urban transport organizing authority NF Service service reference system Specific labeling processes developed by certain transport groups allowing transport networks to appropriate them mechanisms and the measurement system Local and specific procedures based on internal control centered on a limited number of criteria.
At Transdev, the world leader in the field of public transport, the QSE approach is its priority to meet the needs of customers and protect them during their travels and their daily trips. The company aims to offer mobility that reinvents public transport in order to reconcile response to individual needs and collective challenges, the QSE approach is always evolving to maintain their level of performance