Angela Merkel prefers "reasoning rather than rousing", where as New Zealand's Jacinda Arden, that allowed the reopening of most the activities on its territory after 5 weeks of complete lockdown, was applauded for her "clarity and compassion".

Of course effective leadership skills are not gender-exclusive or biologically determined. Leaders learn to take into consideration social expectations. Indeed, women in male-dominated fields often incur penalties for assertive and power-seeking behavior, even if they have less room for error than their male peers do.

Maryann Bruce, an experienced Corporate Director, analyzed this trend a few years ago in the business world, and determined eight common traits among successful leaders, regardless of the gender, that she called "the 8 Cs of an Effective Leader" :

- first of all, Communication : this is the heart of showing your true self at work : it can be a major obstacle, especially as you advance in your career. To be an effective leader, you have to feel safe at laughing, crying, getting angry, or asking for help.

- Commitment : be dedicated to stay on your path, and be perseverant

- Courage : dare to be different, to embrace change, to believe your instincts and put yourself at risk.

- Character : use your power and raise up other diverse colleagues to level the the professional playing field.

- Creativity : develop your imagination, build a new mindset in where you work, and most of all don't be afraid to break the rules, even if you're not feeling comfortable to do so.

- Caring : contrary to what narrow minds might believe, showing your emotions, and showing that you have empathy for others is a strength, because a proof that you are reliable.

- Confidence : this step is one of the most important of all : believe in yourself, in what your able to do. You'll inspire confidence in others and this is what makes someone a true leader.

- finally, Competence : don't be concerned that much about what you learned so far, but most about learning continuously in order to own yourself.

Of course leadership is not something that is given to someone and not to others, even though some people seem to be born to be leaders, but you have to know that these different steps are a journey and not a destination. Keep working on them as long as you are evolving on your career path !