In order to demonstrate management commitment, senior managers or directors have to follow at least four major steps in a company.

Making resources available to the management system :

This is the first step to consider. To implement and maintain a management system within a company, you have to take into account the financial resources required, the people required to establish, implement and maintain the system ( in particular managers ), the time they will need to do so, but also the organizational resources in order to coordinate the involvement of managers and others in the development of the system.

Defining roles and responsibilities :

Every person within the organization has to know its role, and how they can contribute to achieves the objectives of the company, in order to keep a good performance. The top management needs to identify who does what from the most senior manager to the employees.

Appointing senior managers with specific roles :

Though the top manager has an overall responsibility towards its workers, an important part of management commitment is to ensure one of the senior manager, which must be appointed with specific responsibilities for management, assists in the development of objectives and plans. He will usually has the responsibility to coordinate and present the data on performance to the whole team, as he must have an overall view of the arrangements of the company.

Selecting competent people to help the organization :

Competency is not in fact the only criteria required. We must also consider skills, knowledge, education without forgetting that human always do mistakes ( this factor is called human failure ). One of the best solutions is for the top management to engage a practitioner, specialized in a specific topic ( Health and Safety, Environment, Performance,... ), that will assists in the development of one or several policies, aims, objectives and plans for the company. He can also consult the workers with their representatives to promote and demonstrate management commitment, and will have most of the time a responsibility to maintain records and present data performance to the director.

Even if these steps are not to be ignored, let's not forget that most important thing to recall is that management commitment must be visible.

If no one is the company is aware of what directors actually do for the employees, how will the measures implemented make sense to them ?