First of all, it is important to consider ethical reasons. This is a moral issue : we just cannot accept that people could be able to die at work, or even consider that it might happen. After the 1984 Bhopal disaster that costed the lives of 3828 people , theKingcross fire that killed 31 people in 1987, or even the Tchernobyl Disaster, it is still unbelievable to consider that every year, 2 million people are still injured or killed during their working hours. But these number are reals. Every 2 minutes, around the globe, someone is injured in a company. That is why taking care not to harm the employees must be one of the main priorities when developing a policy inside a business.

Let's not mention the fact that the potential financial costs of an incident or an accident at work are devastative as well for the employee that for the employer. Indeed, the financial cost of work injuries or fatalities is unbelievable : the reparation for damages to the buildings, equipments, the court claims from the victims or the families, the waste of time to investigate, clean up the scene of the disaster, the medical treatments that must be provided, that can even get higher if the insurance is not supporting the company ( in case of extreme negligence from the employer for instance ).

Finally, we must admit that every society is different. Each one has its own beliefs, values, behavior, level of tolerance, of acceptation, that are represented by legal requirements. These legal requirements are the reflect oh how much the government, the legal entity, takes the health and safety issues seriously. A society that has strong laws about safety at work is a society that a company, no matter where it has been created, must take into consideration when making business. Otherwise, these are the beliefs, the concerns, the desires of a whole community that are just thrown away.

If you don't match these beliefs, if your company doesn't have a strong health and safety policy, in a place that is aware of the potential dangers that working represents, this is only a matter of time before your company's weaknesses appear. And when this happens, it is most of the time too late.