Compensation is not a new concept. Previously provided for in the ERC sequence "avoid reduction of compensation" of Law No. 67-629 of 10 July 1976 on the protection of nature, also in other texts such as: Article 230 of the Grenelle Act 2, the Water Acts (1996, 2000), and the Environmental Liability Act of 2008.

This is an illustration of the duty laid down in Article 2 of the Environment Charter: to take part in the preservation and improvement of the environment. Implementation procedures specified in Articles L. 163-1 et seq. Of the Environment Code.

The Principle of Preventive Action (Article L. 110-1 II, 2 ° of the Environmental Code) is a guide to compensate for foreseeable impacts on biodiversity. The objective is the absence of net loss, or even a gain in biodiversity (inspired by the wetland policy in the United States in the early 1990s "net loss of wetlands, net gain"). This principle is combined with the principle of corrective action.

The need to respect the principle of ecological equivalence between the affected environment and the restored environment should also be emphasized. In the event of non-compliance with the obligation to set off, the measures implemented against such an infringement are: the formal notice and the automatic execution of the compensatory measures

Finally, let us recall that information on compensation measures are accessible to the public via an internet platform.