On Saturday, June 24, 2017, in the great amphitheater of the Sorbonne, was held the day of launching of the Global Compact for the environment.Laurent Fabius invited by the environmental commission of the Club of Jurists to bring an international dimension to the work on the Global Compact For the environment and to hand over this work to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. For his part, Yann Aguila was instructed to return the work of the experts.

The objective of the work is for this draft to be presented to the international community as the third pact for the first time recognizing environmental rights.

Mayor of the city of Paris, Anne Hidalgo reminded in her speech that international law is needed so that a framework is set for the states to invest. The actors have put in place plans for action such as the C40 network which has established a road map by 2020 to accompany the energy transition. Donald Trump's decision made it possible to turn around and say that nothing is gained, hence the countries of North America decided to apply the Paris Agreement, as well as the major cities of the world.

Nicolas Hulot has come to signal that he will present a climate plan of France on July 5, it is a way for the Minister of the environment to translate the requirement of solidarity in relation to the victims of climate injustice.

Professor of Economics at Columbia University, Jeffrey Sachs, mentioned through his video message the urgency of environmental protection through international law, recommended to establish a legal instrument containing standards of behavior And he called for global governance.

The morning of the conference on the Global Environment Pact was also fed by a first roundtable coordinated by Laurence Tubiana who was the former French ambassador responsible for the negotiations on climate change. Four panelists gave their testimony to the question "Why do we act for the planet?". The climatologist Jean Jouzel recalled that global warming is perceptible and that with the increase of 2 ° C the climate will no longer be the one we know today and it will not be easier to adapt. These 2 ° C correspond to leave the essential of the energy where it is. For Jochen Flasbarth, State Secretary for the German Ministry of the Environment, we must act immediately by organizing a just ecological transition. For the Director of the WWF Climate and Energy Division, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, it is important to strengthen the gains and work in all sectors. For Zhang Xinsheng, President of IUCN, the Betting Agreement was instrumental in transforming our society. All these speakers stressed the urgent need to act to preserve the planet.

Paul Polman, President and CEO of the Unilever Group, left a video message to remind us of his company's commitment to take up the challenge of the climate action movement with several players in the United States.

The last speaker of the morning was Mrs. Mary Robinson, who said that this Global Compact is necessary because climate change and its degradation are intensively carried out and that these problems must be met by solidarity actions. The Global Compact recognizes the protection of the environment and engages every citizen of the world. It is the right of everyone to live in a healthy environment and no government can guarantee this right to its people, hence the need for global action. It is a message for those who struggle for the protection of nature and the pursuit of justice for our children and future generations.