New York will hold United Nations Climate Change summit on the 23th SEP 2014. This is the 2009 Copenhagen summit, 125 of the leaders of the countries and once again, the representative of climate issues together, to curb global warming and difficult operations injecting new vitality. Summit, New York the climate marches, including the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Mayor of New York in the 310,000 people participated in the event, the 166 countries and the people of the region called in more than 2000 Cities and Regions held a demonstration activities. Quoted by Reuters, organizers said, this is 2009 Copenhagen climate summit will be the largest scale since the popular assemblies.

"From Afghanistan to the United Kingdom from France to Bulgaria, Reuters news agency, said on February 22, the climate prior to the Summit, the global 166 countries and the people of the region, 21 answered the call, and in more than 2000 cities and regions in the International Climate Action Day Parade. AFP, Paris, riding a bicycle in the climate Procession" activities, they hit banner: "climate risk" and the "world leaders act, an attempt was made to to the leaders of the world loud and clear.

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, "The climate is not B plan, because we do not have B planet. The Secretary-General of the United Nations Climate Envoy, Mrs. Mary Robinson, we would also like to call on all States must adjust the direction and to take immediate measures. She expected that the Summit will play a catalytic role, so that people will be able to feel all the countries with the will solve the problem of climate change, because this is the face of the most serious and is also the most difficult challenge.

The New York Climate Summit must send a strong signal. " Austria ecological news network said on March 22, 2009 the Copenhagen Summit was a failure, so far there are 112,000 people in extreme weather events and the loss of 500 billion dollars. Germany South Germany Newspaper said on September 22, 2013 in the atmosphere of the 2 carbon dioxide emissions reached a record level, and the earth is possible in 30 years in the risk of climate change threshold.

The AP reported that since the Copenhagen Summit, the global leaders of the countries of the world's climate change of the impotence was a disappointment, the 125 leaders of the States and brought together representatives Summit, it might help to end the birth of a new global climate Convention. But the Canadian National Post, "that this summit will be unprecedented, it is most likely or "lip" to achieve substantive progress. As California's environmental expert, Steve Davis, Climate issue as though it were a high-speed rushed into the cliff, despite all the brakes on the importance, but it's actually the foot throttle another foot on brake.

British BBC said, Ban Ki-moon count on those suffering from climate change endangers the small country more actively. But for large countries, for their part, are not in this summit will be the premature showdown, because they would like to see just what is on the table, the Summit will also continue to buck. canadian television stations, not all national leaders to Ban Ki-moon face, the Prime Minister of Canada Harper will miss climate summit, direct participation in the General Assembly and the General Assembly held during the period of Maternal and Children Health United Nations conference, Federal Minister for the environment. The Russian only responsible for climate change of the Adviser to the President, India is only sent the Minister for the environment. Natural Resources Protection Committee international climate policy director, Jack Schmitt believed that States would first of all have to consider their own political situation, and will not take the risk of climate commitments. The White House announced that Obama at the Summit will not be new, but the carbon emissions in China and India pressure in an attempt to compel the latter to take more positive action.

"The Chinese are 2 carbon dioxide emissions in the first over the EU. " The German Business Journal said on November 22, the global carbon on top of the latest program data show that China's current per capita carbon emissions have been more than the European Union (EU) and the United States and Australia; China is the total emissions of the largest country in the United States carbon emissions, which is twice more than the United States and the European Union's carbon emissions and more. New data requirements for the Chinese assume new responsibilities. "The Voice of Germany, said that China has been making efforts to Green Power ratio is expected this year exceeded that of Germany the "Green Energy" world champion. Beijing more and more aware of the, such as cannot be successful in the "green revolution" that may be destroyed in recent years the fruits of economic development.